Shri Rakesh Ji Rajdev (શ્રી રાકેશ રાજદેવ)

“A good Samaritan whose contribution in the area of social welfare leaves people spellbound and, despite owning different business ventures, shows a generous nature to distribute wealth for the needy.”
charity work by rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)
helping in pandemic - rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) rajkot
blood donation camp by rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)


India, with a population of approximately 138 million, is a diversified country. We know that there are many dignified personalities in this country who have contributed and are still contributing towards society as a token of humanitarian gesture. Known for its federal structure, India is a country that resembles a tree with different branches of union territories and states, which is itself a beauty of India. If we talk about the state of Gujarat, especially in Rajkot, you will hardly find a person who is not aware of the charitable works being done by Rakesh Rajdev (Gujarati: શ્રી રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: श्री राकेश राजदेव).

Connecting the dots

social work in pandemic done by (રાકેશ રાજદેવ)
Coming from the state which is situated on the western coast of India, Shri Rakesh Rajdev ji, believing in philanthropy, through his NGO, has been reaching out to the masses, has been a medium to feed empty stomachs, and lend an ear to the unheard voices which were being neglected due to unavoidable circumstances.

Social Works

Kanuda Mitra Mandal in pandemic
Shri Rakesh Rajdev has been providing financial assistance to students who are deserving but, due to poverty and other socio-economic factors, can’t study. Through his NGO, he helped laborer move to their respective towns and villages in the pandemic. When frontline workers were fighting and showing true leadership qualities, Rakesh Ji supported them in every way possible.

Seeking an inspiration

rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) - wife - father
We all have inspirations in our lives. For some, it may be actors, a politician, a writer, or a person who made an impact on our lives at a certain stage, or anyone who lifted us from the darkness. We can seek inspiration from anything, but I do believe that our parents, being our first teachers, have had a tremendous impact on us since we began to develop our conscience. Shri Rakesh Rajdev also seeks his inspiration to do charity work from his late father, Prataprai ji Rajdev, who has done a lot as far as contributing towards society without any ulterior motives is concerned.

Service to mankind

blood donation camp
Shri Rakesh Rajdev ji, a true philanthropist, has been assisting people through his non-profit organization, Kanuda Mitr Mandal, to ensure that repressed sections of society who need to be reached and heard are welcomed into the mainstream of society with all the love and support they deserve as human beings. At a time when the pandemic created a panic stricken situation in the world, Rakesh ji came to the aid of the needy and saved people through his help, which was the need of the hour for those who were expecting a ray of hope amidst chaos.
Shri Rakesh Rajdev is the owner of the Roma Kristo Hotel-Dwarka, situated in the city of Dwarka, Gujarat. Famous for its Gujarati and other cuisines, visitors praise the staff for their cordial behaviour and the taste of the food being served. A three-star hotel lives up to the  expectations of the visitors and has a pleasant vibe to decorate time.


Shri Rakesh Ji Rajdev is also the founder of APM Intl DMCC, a company registered with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) that is known for its global trading expertise and also deals in physical bullion trading. Based on the values of reliability, integrity, and credibility, this company never fails to disappoint its clients and believes in mutual trust and clarity when it comes to providing services.

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The company is on its way to becoming one of the best gold bullion suppliers and traders in the region, all while adhering to a value system that ensures top-notch customer satisfaction and a clear vision.

Shri Rakesh Ji Rajdev is also the founder of APM Capital situated in Dubai, UAE. The company offers online trading portals partnering with world’s leading trading solution providers namely MT5 and ARK. APM Capital is well-known amongst its elite clientele and puts “clients” first before everything.

APM Bullion: Physical Gold and Silver bullion trading company located in Dubai

Rakesh Rajdev‘s has established a new luxurious 5-Star hotel in Batumi city of Georgia namely “Courtyard by Marriott, Batumi” (operated under a license agreement from Marriott International, Inc.)