Rakesh Rajdev – A Ray Of Hope To The Needy Families In The Society

India is the country with the largest population of approximately 138 million. It is a diversified country with many dignified personalities in the country who have contributed towards the welfare of the society.

The country is known for its federal structure and resembles a tree with its different branches of Union Territories and States. If we talk about Rajkot, Gujarat –you can find a person namely Rakesh Rajdev. He is a successful businessman as well as a famous philanthropist.

He is a person who contributes to society in many ways. His social welfare activities will leave the people spellbound. Despite owning different businesses, he also supports needy people and families by sharing his wealth through the social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

His philanthropic activities have reached out to many people in the country. He has been a medium to feed the empty stomachs and has heard the unheard voices in society which were being neglected due to unavoidable circumstances.

Shri Rakesh Rajdev has been offering financial assistance to the students too. Rakesh and his wife Rupalben Rajdev always believed that increasing the literacy rate in the society will help in the country’s development. But they felt sad looking at the students who discontinue their education and sacrifice their dreams due to poverty.

He is a great inspiration for many people in the country. Generally, people take the actors, politician, writer, teacher or a person who has made an impact on the lives of others. Rakesh Bhai Rajdev is a great motivation and inspiration since he has lifted the lives of many people and helped them move from the darkness.

Rakesh Bhai Rajdev seeks inspiration from the charity works of his late father – Prataprai Ji Rajdev. He has carried out many social welfare projects for the welfare of society without any ulterior motives.

He is a true philanthropist and has been assisting many people through the no-profit organization he runs namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal. He takes on several projects so that he can support several families in society and help them lead better lives.

He also hears the unheard voices in society and supports them so that they can deserve better in their lives. Especially Rakesh Rajdev supported society during the pandemic time. He offered food packages, grocery packages and sanitizers for needy people and families.

All the aid was sent through the 34 trains to the suffering people’s hometowns. In this way, he ensured that all the aid are sent safely to the nearby villages safely. Since it is a pandemic time, he ensured that everything is packed safely without becoming another reason for the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For the needy students, he offered school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, notebooks and other necessary stationery items. All these were offered to the students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. For the deserving students from labour families, Rakesh Rajdev also offered food packages so that they will not suffer from hunger issues and can continue their education.

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